How to Become a Cloud Engineer?

DevOps gels really well with most of the Cloud Service Providers, AWS in particular making AWS DevOpsa great skill to have. Again there are various popular storage services that cloud service providers use. To name a few popular ones, we have S3, Glacier in AWS,blobs & Queues, Data Lakes, in Azure.

What does a AWS cloud engineer do?

Work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to assess applications, software and hardware. Develop, coordinate and administrate AWS infrastructure. Automate deployments, infrastructure as code. Have containerization, (Kubernetes, Docker) troubleshooting and support tasks.

However, Forbes reported in 2020 that a scarcity of qualified professionals currently undermines the overwhelming demand for cloud engineers. In recent years, people who have selected aws cloud engineer cloud engineer career paths have participated in Bootcamp IT training schools. If you believe in yourself and work hard, it is not too hard for you to get a job as a Cloud Engineer.

Technical skills

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Microsoft acquires Fungible in “fire sale” to integrate DPU technology.

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We need to learn some programming languages, although not as much as developers. For example, knowing one of the programming languages such as Python, C ++, Java, Ruby, and Go at a reasonable level will help tremendously in becoming an engineer. Since you learn programming logic, it will be easier to learn another programming language in the future. Staying up-to-date with industry trends, new technology applications, and cloud-based initiatives.

Cloud Engineer Job Description

To become a cloud engineer, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or a related field to have the required technical knowledge. Further, having a master’s degree in the specified technology will only open more and better opportunities. A cloud engineer is responsible for the development and maintenance of cloud infrastructure. Over the years, the vitality and demand for this role have grown exponentially as it finds its use in our everyday lives. From enabling you to stream your favorite music to checking your email, cloud technology is integral to everything. Gabe has expertise in building cloud-based machine learning and natural language processing services at early stage tech companies. He holds technical degrees from Cornell University and Stony Brook University.

how to become an aws cloud engineer

The average annual starting salary of the cloud engineer is Rs 7.5 Lakhs. The salary is expected to increase as per the performance and experience of the individual. It is recommended to start with small personal projects to build up your portfolio. If operations interest you then let me tell you Security and Disaster Recovery related concepts will help you immensely as a Cloud Engineer Or Cloud Admin. These are methodologies which are central to operating a software in the Cloud, and are cloud engineer skills that would get you lucrative job. If we take into consideration the number of servers that power Azure alone, you would note that around 30% of those are Linux based. Linux brings in features like Open source, easy customization, security etc making it a paradise for programmers.

Skills Required to Become a Cloud Engineer

It applies engineering principles in designing systems that leverage cloud services to solve computing problems of organizations and consumers. Cloud engineers’ work draws upon a mixture of technical and managerial skills. They need education and training in technical skills in areas such as network services configuration and software engineering to possess basic competence.