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Drinking is one of the quickest and easiest ways in the world to alleviate boredom. But it is also, in itself, quite boring. The conversations you have when you’re drinking are fun, but you can have them without drinking. What to do if you’re feeling bored in your first 15, 30 or 40 days and how to reframe your mindset about the important work you’re doing. Great counselors- my counselor was Johnny. Great Alumni aftercare program that helps keep you connected. I highly recommend Lighthouse for anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction.

  • Active alcohol and drug use can also bring a lot of chaos to someone’s life, and it can be an adjustment to get used to sober life at a more predictable pace.
  • Don’t underestimate the power of these connections.
  • We offer personalized treatment plans grounded in experience, expertise, and recognized best practices.
  • You worked hard and overcame all the challenges that came your way.
  • First, let’s revisit some terminology.
  • It’s boring being stuck in a cycle that repeats and repeats…I don’t have to drink, and so I really enjoy not drinking.

You’ll make friends that want to socialize, try new things and have fun with you. And you’ll have the support you need through every twist and turn of your recovery. You may be so used to the emotional isolation of addiction that joining a positive group of people seems foreign. You’ll need to make an effort to get the most benefit from these supportive relationships, but it may feel a little awkward at first. Start by thinking of others before yourself, listening to their stories and offering support or help where you can.

Group Meetings

Giving up drinking hasn’t left me with a void of time to fill. It’s just made everything grey and lifeless. Even the things drinking because of boredom I only ever did sober are unbearable now. Whatever you do, please don’t reply with the suggestion to seek counseling.

  • Understand the need to stay socially connected to friends and family to both avoid boredom and guard sobriety.
  • A person who eats a good meal, exercises or has sex will experience a release of dopamine and other neurotransmitters to reinforce the positive action.
  • However, recovery gives you the perfect opportunity to rediscover old passions and find new ones.
  • I want to be in it and remember it the next day.

Knowing how to cook makes you self-sufficient, saves you money, and keeps you from habitually stuffing down 1500 calories at Chipotle. I fought as hard as I could to keep beer in my life, but in the end, it simply wasn’t possible. I couldn’t stick to my rules around drinking, and so I had to give it up. This allowed me to learn that I had never really needed it in the first place. Eventually, I learned to have self-compassion and to stop constantly berating myself for tiny and often imaginary mistakes. But there was quite a lot of therapy, 12 step work, trial and error with medication and, a couple of diagnoses along the way towards arriving at that. At first, every alternative seems to take a lot longer to create the same effects to a lesser degree.

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I tried meditation (though never quite managed to get a consistent practice.) Nature seemed to help. I thought I needed to drink to dance and be outgoing, but it turned out not to be true.

What to Do When Bored in Sobriety