How to take and share a screen shot in Windows

This will take a picture of your screen, and the image will save to your gallery. To take a screenshot on newer Apple mobile devices, all you have to do is press the Volume up button and the Sleep/wake button at the same time. This will take a photo of what’s on your screen, and the image will save to your camera roll .

  • It can read any DVD disc that Go to Site is in DVD-Video format.
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  • The playing compatibility depends on the availability of RealMedia filters.
  • Expand DVD/CD-ROM drives, right-click the optical drive listed, then click Uninstall.

As a cross-platform media player, VLC allows you to play DVD on Windows 10/8/7, macOS and Linux computer. It has the capability to play DVDs, VCDs and Audio CDs. For the DVD video playing, VLC can easily access DVD menu, chapters, and other related contents. When you load a disc into the CD/DVD drive, the disc does not run or play. A dirty or scratched disc surface is the most common reason for a CD/DVD issue when inserted into a computer.

How to boot into Windows 10 safe mode from settings

Then select the Options button and make sure Data CD or DVD is selected. Normally, it defaults to this, but it’s good to be sure. You can go back to the options list and make other choices about how the music is sorted, name the disc, and other options. When the disc burning is finished, opt for Yes, burn these files to another disc if you want to make another copy. You can use any blank CD or DVD format disc for this. If you use a CD-RW or DVD-RW disc, it will not be rewritable anymore.

This post illustrates 6 ways for how to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode with step-by-step guides. If your computer is infected by malware or virus, or has a system crash or hard drive error, you may lose some important data and files, and can’t start Windows 10 normally. Next you can close the Command Prompt window, and restart your PC. Now before the Windows logo appears, you can constantly press F8 to enter into the Advanced Boot Options screen.

Starting a Computer in Safe Mode

PowerDVD is a multimedia app that enables you to play high-quality video. It allows you to organize your media content in one place. The tool gives you on-demand access to your library from any screen or device. DVD player tools provide support for devices like HDTV and TV.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that this was a mistake, and that the download would no longer be pre-selected by default. 10 heavily emphasizes freemium services, and contains various advertising facilities. Some outlets have considered these to be a hidden “cost” of the free upgrade offer. Gamers playing games on the Steam platform can capture screenshots by pressing the F11 key. The screengrab can access under the ‘Steam’ folder of the system. On your desktop or laptop, press the Print Screen button on your keyboard to take a screenshot.

On the Choose an option screen, select Troubleshoot. Under the Advanced startup section, click the Restart now button. Click Recovery from the list of available options. Safe mode is a stripped down state of Windows that disables non-essential programs. Once inside, you can start to troubleshoot your problem. Boot the computer to the installation of your choice.