Dual Screen Setup for Desktop Computer Monitors

At the top of your screen, you will see five icons, four of which allow you to choose the shape for your screenshot. “Use the Print Screen key to launch screen snipping.” Turn on this toggle to start snipping with just a single key press. Bring up a snipping toolbar – use it to snip a rectangle, something a bit more freeform, or full screen and it will go straight to your clipboard.

  • You can also download and install NVIDIA Geforce graphics drivers without the GeForce Experience.
  • Now click and drag your mouse in any shape and form to capture your screen.
  • The methods range from long-standing keyboard shortcuts to the more modern, capable tools that let you do things like set timers for the screenshots as well as editing and sharing them.

If you want to work with four windows instead of two windows, the Windows application allows you to divide the screen into four equal parts. That will be the moment in which we must release the button so that the window is fixed to one of the corners. Windows allows us to enable split screen view with both the mouse and keyboard shortcuts. Rather than maximizing and minimizing windows to switch between applications, I simply glance from one monitor to the other. Until recently, my most recent multiple-monitor configuration consisted of three monitors–a 23-inch wide screen monitor flanked by two 21.3-inch monitors . This was a very satisfying setup until one of the ViewSonic monitors bit the dust.

How do I get my Chromebook out of tablet mode?

In this source order to get the best possible experience from our website, please follow below instructions. We will never ask you to call or text a phone number or share personal information. Please report suspicious activity using the “Report Abuse” option. That is all about multitasking, there are some tips you may want to use. The Snap options will be visible on the right side. Sounds like this is not exactly what you were looking for.

Windows 11 also includes a tool called Windows Update. Although it might, at first look, appear to be a source for app updates, such as those available through Microsoft Store, it’s actually completely different. Select Get updates to check for and then bulk install all app updates.

Unless, of course, you change the shortcut combination in ShareX hotkey settings and use different keys. In addition to the PrtSc key and the Snip & Sketch tool, Windows 11 also comes bundled with the Snipping Tool, to help you capture your screen easily. The snipping tool is an older tool that will soon be phased out from existence in favor of Snip & Sketch. But for now, both of these are available on your system so you can use the snipping tool to capture your screen as well.

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How to Take a Screenshot Using Xbox Game Bar

If you have good news you’d like to share about yourself, your firm or your employees and would like to be included in a future edition of CPAs in the Spotlight, please email However, if you have a multiple monitor setup it can be annoying when you just need a specific window or section of your screen. Click on the arrow next to New and select Free-form, Rectangular, Window or Full-screen. Press Esc and then open the menu you would like to capture. We’ll tell you how to take a screenshot on Windows 10 and Windows 11. Adding a WordPress background image needn’t be so challenging.

Review your new screen capture in the Snipping Tool window that pops up automatically. Click the blue floppy disk icon to open a new Windows Explorer window. Navigate to where you want to save the picture. Name the screen-capture image and click “Save.” When you complete a screenshot, you should get an Action Center notification telling you it was saved to the clipboard. If you click this notification, it will automatically open it so you can draw on it or crop it with Snip and Sketch.